iPad Mini - Features

The iPad mini features a 7 inch display which is 0.9 inches smaller than its big brother which is great. It also comes with its own cover which makes it great for traveling. The iPad mini also displays at 1024X768 so there is no loss in quality. As far as the internal structure is concerned, it comes with a bigger battery which is also slimmer than its previous predecessor. It comes with a 0.2mm glass which makes it more compact as well as a 0.12mm point subsystem.

iPad Mini - Uses

There are thousands of function and uses for an iPad, whether it’s for school work or for business reasons or just for simple enjoyment you cannot go wrong with an iPad. There are literally over hundreds of thousands of apps available so no matter what you’re looking for you should have no problem finding it in Apple’s App Store. There are numerous tablet devices on the market but none are comparable to the iPad. The best part about it is you can get it for FREE

iPad Mini - Functions

As far as functionality goes the iPad can be integrated in various systems especially since the next generation iPads will be including a fingerprint sensor. This makes it so that there iPad could also be used for security devices. Restaurants tend to use iPads as their menus since it’s a much more convenient way to get orders across. That’s just one out of many uses of the iPad, there are literally hundreds of different uses. It all comes down to the user and there needs.